Q-Factory is the biggest music-making-centre in Europe and offers musicians, actors and dancers all kinds of opportunities to rehearse, perform and/or record. Enjoy live music in one of our halls. Have a Q-Burger or ice-cold beer in our Café / Restaurant and stay over at our mighty fine music hotel. Q-Factory is a hotspot for music-lovers from all over the world. It’s an inspiring location and a professional, creative hub for young entrepreneurs and established companies.


Are you traveling by public transport?
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Are you traveling by car?
In Oostpoort, the shopping centre where Q-Factory is located, there is a Q-Park. The rate of this parking garage is € 1,- per 18 minutes and a maximum of € 24,- per day.

Entrance: Polderweg 92, 1093KP Amsterdam.
Exit: Atlantisplein in front of Q-Factory.


Visiting Q-Factory

Can I pay with cash?
Q-Factory is a cashless location. This means that it is only possible to pay by card.

Is there a cloakroom for my coat and/or bag?
Property can be stored in lockers during an event. You can pay by card at the appropriate machines. One locker costs € 2.

Are there wheelchair spaces available?
Q-Factory does not have designated wheelchair spaces, but we can help you finding a space with a good view at the stage. Also at our concerts we do try to accommodate disabled people with a stool, provided that there is sufficient space in the hall.

Are there seats available?
There are no seats available at events at Q-Factory, unless stated otherwise at an event on our website. If there are seats available at an event, these cannot be reserved.

I lost something at Q-Factory. What now?
Lost and found objects are stored in the Q-Factory basement. If you have lost something, the best thing to do is to call 020-7606780 or send an email to with a description of your item.


Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets for the Q-Factory program are sold via Eventix, or another channel if stated. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Q-Factory office. For each event, it is indicated on our website when the presale starts..

What are the service costs?
If you order tickets via the Eventix website or at the box office at Q-Factory, a service charge of 15% (incl. VAT) will be charged on top of the ticket price. The service costs can amount to a maximum of €4. The service costs include, for example, bank transaction costs and costs for the ticketing system.

Can my e-ticket be scanned from my phone?
It is possible to have your ticket scanned from your phone. In this case, make sure you have it at hand and the brightness of your phone is set to maximum to make this process as easy as possible.

I am unable to attend. Can I return my ticket?
It is not possible to return your ticket if you are unable to attend on the date of the event. You can, however, resell your ticket online, for example via Ticketswap.

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